The PanzerPenguin


What is der PanzerPenguin?

The PanzerPenguin is both a tournament as well as a trophy. Partially inspired by the Texas ASL Group's illustrious Hat, a similar competition was created for NIASL wargamers. Fittingly, the inaugural battle was on June 6th, 2012 where the PanzerPenguin was first awarded. Since then the title has been contested several times, with the name of each winner entered into the prestigious roster of PanzerPenguin Champions. The tournament founder and current Tournament Director is Otto, webmaster of ASL Chicago.


Der PanzerPenguin is an ongoing, lineal Advanced Squad Leader tournament, where the current champion faces a challenger, and the winner claims the title. A few rules govern the tournament, and they must be adhered to if one wishes to compete for the PanzerPenguin title. Currently, the trophy itself is housed at the NIASL wargaming group, and all challenges must be completed at that location. The Tournament Director is currently establishing a queue system to ensure smooth transition between matches.

1) All matches must be played under full ASL rules. Starter Kit ASL scenarios are allowed in the tournament, but they must be played under the full ASL rule set.
2) All tournament matches must be face to face.
3) All scheduled matches must be submitted to and approved by the Tournament Director.
4) The current titleholder must accept challenges from any ASL player and make efforts to complete against said challenger.
5) Only one tournament game may be played at any one time.
6) The title holder is free to play non-tournament games while in possession of the trophy.
7) During a tournament game the trophy must be present. He will be placed on the side of the current owner to overlook the board and render tactical advice to the champion.
8) A challenger is limited to no more that three consecutive matches versus the same title holder.
9) The winner of the match selects a single unit counter from his opponent, which the defeated player must must surrender to the Tournament Director. The counter must be a casualty that was lost in the given battle, or one that was significant to the player's defeat. All surrendered counters are stored with the trophy.
10) The result of all PanzerPenguin matches must be immediately reported to the Tournament Director.


In addition to the admiration of fellow ASL players and the lust of men & women alike, the holder of the PanzerPenguin title enjoys prime parking privileges at the NIASL Bunker. The holder of the PzPenguin may park on the right side of the driveway when they attend any NIASL gaming event. Any non-PzPenguin vehicle found to be in this hollowed parking space during gamedays will be destroyed with a Panzerfaust.

ImageJoe Pellam (L) and Don Lazov (R) battle for the title while the mighty PanzerPenguin looks on. Desperate ASLers have been known to rub the Penguin's belly for good luck with the dice gods.

Why a Penguin?

The PanzerPenguin is one of the mascots of one of the oldest on-line discussion boards concerning the Second World War, the WW2 Forums, founded by your friendly neighbourhood webmaster Otto way back in 1999. When the time came to create a trophy for the ultimate tactical tabletop wargame it was a logical choice to create a PanzerPenguin trophy. And let's be honest, is there anything more ominous than an mp40 wielding Penguin?

PanzerPenguin Attack!

The PanzerPenguin - Roster of Title Holders

  Victor Date Scenario Opponent
11 Matt Book TBD TBD TBD
10 Matt Book 2015-05-18* Show of Force (AP94) Don Lazov
9 Don Lazov 2014-10-22 The Devil’s Congregation (SP229) Joe Pellam
8 Don Lazov 2014-03-05 The Hornet of Cloville (SP5) Joe Pellam
7 Don Lazov 2013-09-04 The Rock (68) Joe Pellam
6 Joe Pellam 2013-08-08 Sudden Fury (SP27) Don Lazov
5 Don Lazov 2013-07-10 Norman "D" (BtB 9) Otto Torriero
4 Don Lazov 2013-05-29 War of the Rats (S2) Otto Torriero
3 Otto Torriero 2012-06-21 Clash at Borisovka (S21) "Peppy" Casillas
2 Otto Torriero 2012-06-07 Retaking Vierville (S1) "Peppy" Casillas
1 Otto Torriero 2012-06-06 Clash at Borisovka (S21) "Peppy" Casillas

Last Update: May 18, 2015