About Us

Your New Home for ASL for Southeastern Wisconsin, Northern Illinois, and Northwestern Indiana.

Welcome to the new site. We will have plenty of news and updates in the coming weeks.

Be Part of The Community

If you are interested in playing ASL and are in the Chicago area, feel free to drop us a line or reach out to an ASL group in your area. We'd be happy to connect you with some of the very patient, welcoming players who would be happy include another player in their ranks.


Thanks to the Texas ASL Club. Your great website and club structure are the standard to which we emulate.

We also owe a huge Grazie Mille to Paolo Cariolato of ASL Italia, who was generous enough to grant us permission to use the same logo format as the striking one created by his ASL group.

More than a few Chicagoland ASL players owe at least a salute to the very powerful Joe Pellem who founded the Northern Illinois ASL group (NIASL), and hosts weekly ASL game days out of his home. If you live anywhere near the Chicago area and are into ASL, you owe it to yourself to stop by and experience the massive play area, which includes two huge, custom built ASL tables. Joe's hospitality and camaraderie are the reasons why I truly got hooked into the ASL.